Ricardo Williams Shares His First Release Of The Year, ‘Cross The Line.’

UK artist RICARDO WILLIAMS comes through with his first release of the year, ‘Cross The Line’.

With a more stripped back style Ricardo shows a new side to his R&B sound whilst still maintaining the sound he is known and loved for. ‘Cross The Line’ samples the emotionally charged song by Brandy ‘Borderline’ and uses it as the centrepiece to explore the relationship ‘no no’ of dating a friend. Not only does Ricardo showcase his sultry vocals on this track he also shows that his songwriting skills are a force to be reckoned with.

Ricardo says: “We all know how crazy living through the pandemic and lockdown were. I really took that time to reconnect with myself. Spend some real quality time with my family including welcoming my new baby girl into the world. It’s really given me perspective on life and now I can pour that back into my music. Cross the line is a product of that, me just letting go and creating with this new fire in my belly.”

‘Cross The Line’ is the lead single from Ricardo’s Intermission Deluxe album coming at the end of April. Have a listen below…

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