Song of the Day: Leaving – Lee Paradise

Champion by the likes of Under the Radar Magazine, FLOOD, Exclaim, CBC Radio 3, Toronto’s Dan Lee, aka LEE PARADISE‘s ‘Leaving,’ finds him flipping the shadowy nihilism of his 2020 release, The Fink (supported at Pitchfork, Electronic Sound, FLOOD, Exclaim and more) upward into a sort of cybernetic universality. This is Dan Lee in producer mode, veering away from the pursuit of a singular musical direction rooted in personal vision, towards a process rich in collaboration, emotional expansion and tonal exploration.

Lee’s music is typically widescreen, indebted to polyrhythmic psychedelia that melts, bubbles, whirrs and clanks. ‘Leaving’ dials into this aesthetic once more welding clunky percussion with laser gun synths and a buoyant bed of electro-pop running underneath. His self-described cyborg-funk is on fine display once again as he muses, “Sunday comes so easy / Monday I just stay in bed” in a meditative, self-reflective manner before kicking into the gooey 80s-pop indebted chorus.

‘Leaving’ is lifted from Lee’s highly-collaborative album, Lee Paradise & Co. now out via Telephone Explosion Records.


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