T. Fernandez Shares Her Second EP, ‘Once Upon A Melody’.

Produced, mixed and mastered entirely by platinum selling writer Christopher ‘Scam’ Layton, singer-songwriter T. FERNANDEZ‘s second spellbinding body of work ‘Once Upon A Melody’, is an amalgamation of T’s own thoughts and complicated feelings, penned by herself.

Exploring themes of anxiety and self preservation, tracks like ‘Make It Make Sense’ showcase T’s compelling ability to lay it all down on the track. Playful moments on the EP include her collaboration with PaisleighB on track ‘Not With Me’, which bears an unapologetic, no-nonsense vibe. ‘Once Upon A Melody’ is delightfully brought to a close with T’s final offering ‘Saviour’ – a closing affirmation to remember to “show up for yourself through thick and thin”.

Born in West London to a Spanish Father and English Mother, T. Fernandez is an emerging singer-songwriter with a penchant for dreamy storytelling. T was raised in Brighton, where she developed a love for the cello during her primary school days, before returning back to London where she currently resides.

T’s secondary school years were a pivotal time for her as she began to discover her voice and the freedom she felt from singing. Putting down the cello to instead sing along to her favourite songs in her bedroom, this led her to attend a small theatre school after convincing her parents she was destined to pursue a career in music.

Undoubtedly inheriting an innate creative streak from her ballet dancing Mother and artist Father, T describes her upbringing as a time filled with “enriched experiences of the arts” that nurtured her now love and passion for self expression through music. T divulges on growing up with parents from different cultures with different languages, cuisines and customs as something she is “proud of”.

Notably throughout the span of her career, T. Fernandez has been championed and featured throughout a plethora of different mediums including radio plays on Westside, Flex FM, Pulse 88, Deja Vú, Unity Radio, GFM Radio, Rhythm In Britain and Relax and Bake FM, and with appearances on platforms such as the Frequency Platform, Black Owned London’s ‘The Spotlight Sessions’.

Her most notable releases include her debut EP ‘In My Poetic Feels’, with her debut single ‘One’ being one of her personal picks to date.

As she releases her succeeding EP ‘Once Upon A Melody’, T. Fernandez has plans to connect more deeply with listeners of her music throughout 2023 and beyond. Expect live performances, features and collaborations in the near future… have a listen below…

Must Listen: Make It Make Sense, Not with Me


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