Raphael Tate Opens Up About His Loss In Single, ‘Here Without You’

Premiered on BBC radio Derby, RAPHAEL TATE‘s new single, ‘Here without You’ is about different forms of grief we all encounter on a daily basis – from a bad break up, an estranged relationship from one’s child, and the extreme loss of losing a loved one. Surrounded by a breathtakingly stunning orchestration, Raphael brings awareness that suffering from any form of grief in silence can be detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Speaking of the inspiration behind ‘Here Without You’, Raphael confides: “This song is a personal reflection of what I have had to endure the last 13years from the estranged relationship from my first born son and the recent tragic loss of my Mother in May 2020. This composition was created to empathise and sympathise, with people like myself who are battling daily with different forms of grief – to show them strength, courage and perseverance. I wanted to share the message that you can and will make it through these challenges, if you just believe. I am leading by example how we can use our gifts in the arts as a major outlet to no longer sit in silence but openly express or communicate our challenges.”

2022 has been quite a year for Staffordshire-based powerhouse. Since his compelling ballad ‘Lord I Need You Near’- which also deals with the loss of his mother- was picked up by BBC Derby’s Pam Sidhu, Raphael has become a clear favourite with the regional station and went on to perform at BBC Derby charity, Beat The January Blues earlier in 2023. Raphael performance at the charity was aired on BBC One’s East Midlands Today.

Raphael recently took the stage on ITV’s Starstruck, and gave an outstanding performance as James Brown, impressing judges Adam Lambert, Beverley Knight, Rowland Keating and Jason Mansford. Can you watch his performance here. To see more footage on Raphael at Starstruck, please hear over to his IG account.

Now Raphael turns his attention to offering an ode anyone who’s lost in grief and needs a friendly ear with his latest single, ‘Here Without You’, which forms part of his upcoming album, ‘Love Grieve Live’.

Connect with Raphael Tate via:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/RaphaelTateofficial
T: https://twitter.com/TateRaphael
IG: https://www.instagram.com/raphaeltateofficial/


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