Check Out Charli Fletcher’s New Music For Track, ‘Every Ting Nice’.

London’s very own artist/model, CHARLI FLETCHER drops brand new video for track ‘Every Ting Nice’, an uplifting anthem for those dreaming about better days, where one can enjoy the finer things in life, and salutes those already living in this way.

Apart from touching on living the high life, this song explores some of Charli’s culture and roots. No matter how far she elevates in life, she always stays true to her humble beginnings, and pays homage to those who helped her along the way.

‘Every Ting Nice’ is the second track from Charli’s first official EP ‘Dreaming Reality’ which explores love, sensuality, body empowerment, cryptocurrency, and her life as a model. The body of work conveys her versatility in music, and shows that Charli is consistent in her lyrical content, topics of interest and delivery.

Check out the video below, premiered on YouTube yesterday (1st May).


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