Watch Banggz’s Video For Track, ‘Placebo Effect.’

‘Placebo Effect’ is a surrealist and thought-provoking rap music video where BANGGZ delivers a poignant and introspective message about the arduous path of creatives within the music industry.

The two-minute production features evocative lyrics such as “I feel great already” interwoven with striking visual imagery of the Nigerian rapper’s blood-drenched body. Through the collaborative vision of Banggz and filmmaker Tani Olorunyomi, the video represents a remarkable response to the human condition and the industry’s insatiable thirst for exploiting artists for their commercial value. The song is part of a project titled ‘ttyl (an audio series)’ which was released last summer

Ottawa-based Banggz has gained recognition on various platforms such as CBC Canada, Ottawa Citizen, That Eric Alper, Tinnitist, Native Magazine, and Pulse Nigeria and has also opened for artists like WizKid, Pierre Kwenders, Asuquomo and KAR33M. Check out the video below…


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