Harmony Dreamers To Release Emotional, Spirit-Lifting Holiday Single.

With a mission to bring together talented musicians from all around the world, HARMONY DREAMERS is a unique musical endeavor led by Byron Lee Scott. With their latest album, featuring a roster of diverse musicians from different fields of expertise, the band raced to the top of the UK iTunes and airplay charts with two singles. ‘I Come From Earth’ currently sits at #2 on the UK Talk Radio airplay chart, while the “Nashville Jam mix” of the song reached #12 on the country sales chart. Now, Harmony Dreamers share an emotional new single, ‘Without You,’ which is an ode to people who will be celebrating the 2022 holiday season without a loved one. The emotional single aims to infuse listeners with hope, while also letting them know that someone out there is going through the same situation.

Scott says, “The more I listen to this song, ‘Without You,’ with the upcoming holidays, it just tears me up, the timing. Two people very close to me, my older brother and my adopted son, just broke up with long time live-in partners, just within weeks. When I worked on the cruise ships, it was not uncommon during the holidays for people to be grieving and trying to find peace.”

He further added, “There were certain healing songs I played for them that they still message me about years later, even though I only knew them for 15 minutes.”

Listen to ‘Without You’ below…

Rapper/Singer BVNK Takes Accountability On New Single, ‘Situations’

Born in Nigeria, raised in the UK and now residing in North America, BVNK takes 2020 by the scruff of its neck with brand new single,‘Situations’, taken from his forthcoming debut EP, ‘XX/XX’.

Produced by burgeoning LA-based musician and beatsmith Twelve 92, ‘Situations’ sees the Denver rapper/singer/songwriter taking responsibility for failures in his past relationships. The track is led by dreamy R&B guitar licks, minimalist drum arrangements, groovy melodies, and an infectious bassline, over which Bvnk showcases his dual singing and rapping talents.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the ‘Situations’ track, Bvnk says, “In a time where the world is full of one sided stories, and men thinking that taking responsibility is weak for some reason or the other, with women left having to deal with their toxic masculine energy, I wanted to take the truthful route on ‘Situations’. The song is about me looking into the mirror, taking responsibility, and apologising for the hurt I had caused. Amidst it all, ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ is the perfect quote that explains ‘Situations’, because I’m ultimately asking for a second chance”.

Check it out below…