Harina brings joy and awareness in her festive offering, ‘Last Christmas’

German singer-songwriter HARINA left her dentistry studies in 2016, in order to move to London and become an artist. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at BIMM London and soon after was signed to Universal sub-label, Polydor with her duo project Zazoo.

The duo’s first Single ‘Spinnin’ Round’ was released in November 2018 and generated over 300k plays across all platforms, including numerous radio plays. Due to health reasons, the duo was unfortunately unable to continue performing together within the industry. Since then, HARINA has been focusing on her Solo Project and has put together a catalogue of songs ready to be released in 2020.

Her sound is current, edgy and poppy with smooth, sweet vocals carrying catchy melodies. As a teaser of what’s to come, she is released her single, ‘Last Christmas’ on Friday (6th December). A quirky, fun, trap Christmas song, that if you listen carefully, is importantly raising awareness of the risks of Climate Crisis and the impact it can have on the environment. A pop song with substance and an imperative message which this artist shares in a clever and unique way.

Have a listen below…

Review : Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes

Half Moon Run Dark Eyes

1. Full Moon
2. Call Me In The Afternoon
3. No More Losing The War
4. She Wants To Want
5. Need It
6. Give Up
7. Judgement
8. Unofferable
9. Drug You
10. Nerve
11. Fire Escape
12. 21 Gun Salute

Devon Portielje (vocals/drums/guitars), Conner Molander (vocals, guitar, keys), Dylan Phillips (vocals, drums, keys) and Isaac Symonds (vocals, drums, keys, guitar) -aka HALF MOON RUN- are on the verge of releasing their album, Dark Eyes (through Glassnote / Communion / Island Records).

The twelve-track production was first released in Canada March last year, but as been remastered and remixed for global release. Already available in France (through Polydor Records) and in United States (through Glasstone Records), Dark Eyes will be available to the UK and the rest of Europe today.

The four-piece folk-rock act came together in the most unlikely situation – they met in Montreal on a Craigslist list ad. However after listening to their album several times, they sound like a band that has a special bond from high school.

Darks Eyes offers an infusion of 60s inspired soft folk, rock and which is topped off angelic harmonies – they really put me in the mind of COLDPLAY and perhaps DR HOOK? When I listen to Dark Eyes, I was greeted with such infusion in Full Circle, Call Me In The Afternoon and No More Losing The War. Halfway through the production, I was met with roaring guitars and melodic bass line in She Wants to Know and for the first time, I really appreciate Portielje’s vocals, which turned from ultra mellow to gusty. The gutsy vocals brought the whole production together. My absolute favourites are Give up, Judgement and Nerve (this song reminds me of Dr Hook) where there is a little funk added that folk and rock.

I have to say that Dark Eyes took me by surprise as (I have to admit) I’m not a massive fan of folk music. However after listening to this album, I’ll more open-minded about folk music and I’d be more than happy to listen to this album over and over again, as it perfect for those warm summer nights.