EP Review: Highlands – Delafaye

After periods of recording from the bedroom of his Louisville apartment , Andrew Shockley -aka DELAFAYE – presents his latest EP ‘Highlands, released last month.

The acoustic guitar and drums takes lead in ‘Part I’ and ‘She Shook Me,’ giving off a sultry soulful rock sensation, where the alternative rocker’s vocals lures between the arrangements. Further along the EP, a sweet harmonica makes a brief presence through third effort, ‘Tripping and Rolling’, adding a feather light folkore feel.

‘Highlands’ EP routes back and concludes with that real gritty soulful/rock combo along with the alluring vocals from the beginning.

There are some potential favorites in this mini package – it was VERY hard to choose – so it’s over to you; have a listen to the EP and pick your favorites and say in the comment box.

Must Listens: Part I, Tripping and Rolling, Part II


New Track! Sandwiches -Daudi Matsiko

sandwiches Daudi Matisko

Alternative folkster DAUDI MATSIKO released his latest single, Sandwiches. Described as a beautiful instance of hushed dark folk, the single is the second effort from his EP The Lingering Effects of Disconnection, released last Friday.

Listen to first single, Take Me Old right here.

New Track! Take Me Old – Daudi Matsiko

Daudio Matsiko

Songwriter DAUDI MATSIKO  gives a heavy dose of dulcet tones and emotionally honest music with latest single Take Me Old, coming from his upcoming EP, The Lingering Effects Of Disconnection.

The three-minute production speaks of love transcending old age, reflected in the lyrics: “I may forget faces, names, our favourite memories, but know my heart is full”. Matsiko’s  soothing timbre floats above the light folk guitar of the track, creating an aura of comforting sadness, which is simultaneously open yet intimate. 

With roots in Uganda and the UK, Daudi’s love affair with music began at the tender age of 8, and began to flourish during his teenage years when he put pen to paper and began to write his own material. A crucial part of his existence, music has served as a therapeutic outlet, comforting him through the troubles life has thrown his way, and has led to the development of his sincere and heartfelt musical style. Having gigged prolifically around Nottingham to build his confidence, he is now set to support synthpop band  Portico in Sheffield, Manchester and London in November.

The Lingering Effects Of Disconnection EP is set for release on 27th November through his label; ok, alright.

EP Review: House Above The Sun

house above the sun

Formerly known as The Healing, HOUSE ABOVE THE SUN have released their self-titled EP this week.

Following suit of their 2014 acclaimed EP, Childhood Home, the four-track offering displays a melodic presence of folk music that meets a real spine tingling, 70s-inspired rock – very reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and Dr Hook. Sure to hit the spot with die-hard fans of these 70s cult bands.

Must Listens: Footsteps, Love’s Ugly Twin.


Upcoming Release: Deep – Yeti Love

Yeti Love

Alternative folk duo YETI LOVE will be releasing their latest single Deep on 7th September. This is the first release from their self-titled debut album out in late September, two weeks after the single.

Formed in 2012, Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears have crafted and perfected their heavenly folksy trademark (which they called alt-rogue-folk-rock), featured in their previous track, Lonely Road. The soft folk rockers have taken this one-of-the-kind approach in their forthcoming offering, coupled with strong messages of the ills of today’s society.

As well as having a single and an album in the pipeline, plus an album promotion tour from late September, YETI LOVE have been organising their own festival, The Air Balloon Garden Party, taking place at Rickman Hill Park (Coulson, Surrey) on 29th-30th August.

For future tour dates, please visit their website…but before you take a detour, have a listen to the ever-so-soothing Deep.

New Release: I’m Afraid – Cody Pennington

Listen to this STUNNING new single from Nashville native alternative folk rocker CODY PENNINGTON. The single is coming from his five-track and (I must say) very stylish  EP, To Be Me released in August.

Now residing in Suffolk, the singer/songwriter was nominated for NMG award for Best Male Solo Artist of 2014…I predict he will scoop the award in the very near future. Go on, have a listen.

If you’re captivated by the guy’s soul-baring  raw vocals, To Be Me EP is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Review : Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes

Half Moon Run Dark Eyes

1. Full Moon
2. Call Me In The Afternoon
3. No More Losing The War
4. She Wants To Want
5. Need It
6. Give Up
7. Judgement
8. Unofferable
9. Drug You
10. Nerve
11. Fire Escape
12. 21 Gun Salute

Devon Portielje (vocals/drums/guitars), Conner Molander (vocals, guitar, keys), Dylan Phillips (vocals, drums, keys) and Isaac Symonds (vocals, drums, keys, guitar) -aka HALF MOON RUN- are on the verge of releasing their album, Dark Eyes (through Glassnote / Communion / Island Records).

The twelve-track production was first released in Canada March last year, but as been remastered and remixed for global release. Already available in France (through Polydor Records) and in United States (through Glasstone Records), Dark Eyes will be available to the UK and the rest of Europe today.

The four-piece folk-rock act came together in the most unlikely situation – they met in Montreal on a Craigslist list ad. However after listening to their album several times, they sound like a band that has a special bond from high school.

Darks Eyes offers an infusion of 60s inspired soft folk, rock and which is topped off angelic harmonies – they really put me in the mind of COLDPLAY and perhaps DR HOOK? When I listen to Dark Eyes, I was greeted with such infusion in Full Circle, Call Me In The Afternoon and No More Losing The War. Halfway through the production, I was met with roaring guitars and melodic bass line in She Wants to Know and for the first time, I really appreciate Portielje’s vocals, which turned from ultra mellow to gusty. The gutsy vocals brought the whole production together. My absolute favourites are Give up, Judgement and Nerve (this song reminds me of Dr Hook) where there is a little funk added that folk and rock.

I have to say that Dark Eyes took me by surprise as (I have to admit) I’m not a massive fan of folk music. However after listening to this album, I’ll more open-minded about folk music and I’d be more than happy to listen to this album over and over again, as it perfect for those warm summer nights.

News: Hollander Blue’s album coming out soon!

Hollander Blue

If you’re a big fan of HOLLANDER BLUE, I have good news: the folk/indie artist will be releasing her second album, Welcome to the Human Race later this year.

If you’re unfamiliar with her work, please let me fill you in: the North Carolina based singer/songwriter took an interest in music from the age of seven, learning to play the piano and writing poetry. In 2011, she released her debut album, Accidental Confessions which offers a sweet infusion of rock, folk, indie and pop coupled with intimate songwriting, reflecting on the realities of life, joy and heartache.

Now I brought you guys up to speed, listen to one of singles from the upcoming album, Red Moon. The soothing track will also feature on Red Dragon Record’s second renaissance compilation album.

The release of Welcome to the Human Race is fast approachingso keep your eyes peeled on the reviews section!