New Track: Lingo – J.O. Mairs

For his latest track, J.O. MAIRS wasn’t trying to come off as – in his words – ‘super political’, but somehow the striking hooks and the bouncing bassline inspired him to vent some home truths….

‘Lingo’ touches on the lack of community unity across the globe and could be described as the anthem for black sheeps of society who constantly feel the need to conform. Delivered in a uber confident laid back flow, the Canadian spitter dishes out some valuable advice: become a member of YOUR own society, and set out to achieve YOUR goals, irrespective of how it is perceived by others.

In a nutshell, just do YOU…this guy did it with impeccable style…you might learn something here; it’s worth checking out…


New Track: Don’t Give Up – Maggie Szabo

Canadian singer-songwriter MAGGIE SZABO has been winning over audiences worldwide with her stunningly soulful vocals and empowering pop anthems. After quickly becoming one of the most sought after songwriter/vocalists for DJs and notable film and TV placements, Szabo’s latest work has focused primarily on her solo project.

‘Don’t Give Up’ is the first single off of Szabo’s upcoming EP, entitled Worthy. It’s a beautifully authentic and heartfelt song dedicated to transgender youth around the world who live in fear and suffer from rejection and exclusion. ‘Don’t Give Up’ showcases an emotional rawness rarely found in music today, whilst addressing a subject which is imperative within today’s society.

Hailing from a Ontario, Szabo has found success with over 14 + million Youtube views and has been featured on high-profile media outlets including Billboard, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post and Yahoo Music! among others. She is also the vocalist on DJ Schiller’s new album, who has sold over 7 million records worldwide.

Have a listen to the heartfelt ‘Don’t Give Up.’

Song of the Day: I’m Done – Justine Giles

Canadian singer-songwriter JUSTINE GILES, stole today’s Song of the Day hotspot with single, ‘I’m Done’, which (in her words) ‘serves as an empowering anthem for all’.

Featuring heartfelt plucks of the acoustic guitar, ‘I’m Done’ was written in her hometown, Sudbury and came to life in Toronto.

Speaking of her single, Giles states. “It’s about saying goodbye and fully letting go of what no longer serves one’s health and happiness. It of course can be applied to a romantic relationship scenario, but the overall intention of the song far surpasses that, and I believe it can be applied to many situations. It may actually act as an anthem to stand up against multiple forms of abuse.”

Though this release greatly differs in style from her previous singles, it’s just as strong and impactful as it touches on the subject of standing up for yourself.

Have a listen to ‘I’m Done’…and if you like what you hear, look out for Justine’s new album later this year.

Star Song: Beautiful Sunrise – Nizell

Nizell who is he

Today’s song is Beautiful Sunrise by Canadian rapper NIZELL. This track is coming from his EP, Who Is He? released last year (by Built2Last Entertainment.)

NIZELL’s music journey stretched back to 2002, where he performed under the name TDOT. He released an album on an independent label which sold over 5,000 copies. NIZELL went on to work with a string of artists and producers in Canada and the US and has performed in Acapulco, Mexico, Calgary, London and Ontario. In 2006, he released his mixtape, TDot’s Finest Pt.1 followed by TDot’s Finest Pt.2 in the summer of 2011.

NIZELL re-established his sound with the release of 2012 mixtape, Like I Never Left (Built2Last Entertainment), which received raving reviews across the net. This guy kept on rolling as just a few months after the release of Like I Never Left, NIZELL dropped his latest EP, Who Is He? This ten-track production displays lyrics of personal experience, struggle and pain coupled with some seriously dope beats.

Take time out and listen to Beautiful Sunrise. If this is your first time listening to NIZELL, I bet it won’t be the last! More of his tracks are available on iTunes.

News: Flamingo Bay’s debut album out in September

Flamingo Bay

If you’re really missing that good old fashion rock and roll, well Dillon Henningson, Vince Rankin and Kris Gies – aka FLAMINGO BAY have made your day! The Canadian rockers are releasing their debut full length album Loco Pony in September. These guys are hot property right now as they are fully booked up for live shows in their hometown in Ontario. Wanna sample the goods? Well here’s Serpentine, the first single from the album. If you’re warming to the gritty rock track – good news, you download it for free on Bandcamp. While you’re here, it’s worth checking out the equally gritty and pulse racing single, Bleed (ace!)