Song of the Day: Make Sense – Eleanor

London, Ontario based singer-songwriter ELEANOR‘s debut single, ‘Make Sense,’ showcases her R&B sound, which is inflected with soul and alternative/indie influences.

Eleanor wrote ‘Make Sense’ as a bit of a lament for the experiences of her generation, impacted by inflation, recessions, and quarantine.

The song is a conversation between Eleanor and her mother, reflecting on the frustration that comes with not reaching certain milestones ‘on time,’ such as marriage and home ownership.

The rich and dreamy soul of this single provides a reminder that sour moments can be both timely and useful. It’s definitely worth a listen; check it out below…

Song of the Day: Thinkin’ Bout U – JSJ

JSJ (Joshua Säde James) is an emerging Canadian artist who incorporates self-worth and love within his music, with the message that “you are worthy, you are loved, and you are imperfectly you.”

Just because you’re thinking about them does not mean they’re ‘Thinkin Bout U.’ That’s what JSJ learned in penning a love letter to a long distance relationship that only existed through FaceTime and ultimately didn’t last. Craving intimacy, he explores the push and pull between feeling lonely versus feeling completely alone.

JSJ has worked his way from coast to coast in Canada and is now traveling along the Baltic performing all over Northern Europe with Norwegian Cruise Lines. After declaring never again, the hopeless romantic is six months into a new relationship, 6000 miles apart. Have a listen ‘Thinkin Bout U’ below…

Song of the Day: Exposed – Neela

NEELA has leant a lot from making her latest single, ‘Exposed’. Pure, raw and unapologetically her, the young songstress used this song to begin the healing process of years of feeling insecure – and is now ready to share her experience.

“I used to weigh 240 lbs for most of my life,” Neela confides. “I’ve been scrutinized and bullied for my body size. Although my body went through a transformation, it also left stretch marks and loose skin. These experiences created a lot of insecurities and it’s been a journey to accept and love my story, body, and identity.”

‘Exposed’ is also about experiencing that unconditional love where one can be their true self. The single is the title track from Neela’s upcoming EP – be sure to look out for that. Until then, why not listen to the heartfelt single below…

Song of the Day: By The River – Mermaid Blood

‘By the River’ is a dark and moody alternative R&B piece with soul and pop influences by MERMAID BLOOD. The duo consists of two 23-year-old artists representing Ajax, Ontario, who hope to not only impress listeners with their sound but to connect with their audience through their lyrics chronicling their growing pains and journeys through love, loss, homelessness, sexuality, race, etc. Mermaid Blood are new to the game but hope that everyone can see the potential that they see in themselves. Check them out below…

Rapper Dax Is ‘Searching For A Reason’ In Brand New Video.

Dax has released the music video for the song ‘Searching For A Reason’ from his new album, ‘Pain Paints Paintings’.

“This song was crafted through immense pain,” Dax says. “Somebody out there needs to hear these words.”

Check out the surreal production below…