Flowerless Unveils New Single, ‘LAB’

FLOWERLESS is the alter ego of Nightwell lead singer and frontman, Jason Emsallem. The project delves into emotional alt-pop with nods to the Toronto underground hip hop sound.

With abstract vocal manipulation paired with luscious walls of harmonies, Flowerless aims to be as dynamic as the pop punk scene he grew up with while paying homage to the buttery RnB sound he fell in love with along the way.

His latest release, ‘LAB,’ reflects on the end of a relationship which taught Flowerless that he is, in fact, an “emotional bitch.”

Two years ago, he was in a relationship that wasn’t committed and about to express deeper feelings to the woman he was with, when she slept with her ex. “Even though she said it was trash and she didn’t want to go back to him, the damage had been done and I wasn’t able to get past it to really continue things,” explains Flowerless.

‘LAB (Life’s a Bitch)’ is the result of Flowerless turning this fucked up thing into something beautiful. Have a listen below…

Watch Dax’s Video For Track, ‘Dear Alcohol’

Canadian artist DAX is back with the video for his new personal song ‘Dear Alcohol.’

“‘Dear Alcohol’ is a personal song I wrote,” Dax adds. “Share this with everyone and anyone and let’s make an impact. Somebody out there needs this.” Why not check out the emotive video below…

Song of the Day: Who’s Guessing Who? – Banggz

Ontario’s rapper BANGGZ‘s latest track, ‘Who’s Guessing Who?’ is a true testament that’s he’s a real GOAT in the rap game in his hometown.

With attention grabbing, tribal-esque bars, ‘Who’s Guessing Who?’ delves into the the 22-year-old’s state of mind, reflecting on the current times as well as his experiences in these times.

Why not check out the video for the track below, directed by Quest and the man himself…

Listen To Producer N:Fostell’s Track, ‘Nothing More To Say’, Featuring Jenna Bennett

With previous releases gaining huge support across UK radio and beyond, rising DJ/producer N:FOSTELL teams up with Canadian singer Jenna Bennett on this new House-meets-R&B future classic ‘Nothing More To Say’.

The North London electronic music producer started as a Garage DJ on pirate radio during the early 00’s, in 2006, he turned his ear to production and became one of the pioneers of UK Funky. In 2013 he decided to rebrand into House music, which led to him having releases under Get Twisted, 7Wallace and most recently New State Music. His tracks have been supported on BBC Radio 1, Capital and KISS, and have been spun by Danny Howard, Endor, MK, LP Giobbi and more. His most recent track on New State Music – ‘Love Is Like’ was playlisted on Capital Dance for 5 weeks, and amassed over 200 spins off the back of this.

He collabs with Ontario-based songstress Jenna Bennett on this first track for 2022 ‘Nothing More To Say’. Jenna is off to a flying start with her set of debut releases, which have had various early support on Spotify on Mood Ring, Radar, Pop Frequency and more. ‘Nothing More To Say’ is the product of a modern day collaboration: the two met on socials and took the project from there. The track is a cool fusion of House and R&B; Jenna’s luscious vocals lay over a backbeat of rolling melodies and wavey synths. Take a listen below…

Song of the Day: Dancing On My Own – Michelle Rasky

With expertly tracked instrumentals fusing with precisely programmed synthesizers to meet in the dark, award-winning Canadian artist MICHELLE RASKY‘s single creates a substantial electro dance-pop single in ‘Dancing on My Own’

The Folk Music Ontario Songwriter of the Year award-winner’s newest genre-bending release explores how Rasky finds solace in her musical compositions the same way she’s found solace in dancing — especially throughout the recent string of unforeseen worldly events.

“One of the things that’s helped me feel positive and grounded over the past year has been throwing on music, and just dancing by myself,” the Ontario-based multi-talented artist shares. “Losing ourselves in song and movement can be so uplifting… It’s this beautiful form of self-expression and a way to be present –– to enjoy the feeling of being alive and connected. I really wanted to bring that kind of energy into this song.”

With an array of talent at her disposal — from multi-instrumental abilities to her production experience — Michelle Rasky has been on a lifelong journey with music; “I grew up in a musical household and started playing piano when I was three years old,” Rasky recalls. “I was always passionate about a wide variety of music, and I think my love and respect for so many different artists continue to shape my approach to writing and producing.”

Along the way, the Toronto-born artist has found a knack for blending genres to create her unique organic-hybrid-pop sound that fans have come to know and love. While her earlier works are inspired by Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, and other artists of the like, she reveals she has been on a journey recently…

While Rasky has long been developing her sound since first stepping onto the scene, her newest venture into the electro-pop dance scene feels fine-tuned and proficient. Focused on expanding her musical exploration, the dynamic artist has gravitated towards incorporating ambient textures, synthesizers, and programmed beats, ultimately finding a way to merge her deep love of electronic music into her expansive scope of work.

Rasky recorded ‘Dancing on My Own’ in her home, giving the unique production another level of heart and soul. Handling vocals, instrumentation, and production, this adept guitar, and piano performer put together a profound electronic-leaning single for the masses to dance to.

‘Dancing on My Own’ is available now…Why not check out the video for the single below…