Jovaan Comes Through With His Highly-Anticipated Album, ‘Drafted.’

Puerto Rican urban rising singer JOVAAN‘s (pictured on the right) highly anticipated solo album’ Drafted’ features the focus track ‘Embustera,’ a collaboration featuring Puerto Rican reggaeton superstar Wisin. The upbeat urban/Latin track song showcases Jovaan and Wisin’s rap styles in a catchy rhythm that transports you to the club and puts you in the mood to dance and have a great time.

Jovaan opted to define his sound through the release of ‘Drafted’, with nine unique tracks including a bonus track, ‘Bape Remix’ that features his recently released collaboration with some of the hottest names in Latin urban music like Brray, Jon Z, Kevvo, Yovng Chimi, and Nengo Flow. ‘Drafted’ shows what a complete artist Jovaan is, delivering performances that range from intense and emotional.

In this album, Jovaan plays with the Latin urban genre, mixing a lot of reggaeton, drill, and trap, creating an experience that is perfect for going to the club, listening during long drives, or just blasting to yourself.

Jovaan began his music career at the age of 18, when he came to the realization that music was his passion. It wasn’t much later, when he gained recognition for the spanish version of ‘Woopty,’ which garnered over 400k+ views on YouTube. This up-and-coming artist’s main style emphasizes Drill & Trap, a subgenre of hip hop music that originated in the Chicago streets in the early 2010s. However, he does not limit himself from exploring all types of music genres. In 2021, Jovaan released ‘Umaga’ in which he solidified Drill and then continued to do so by introducing ‘BAPE’ alongside Brray, which was praised by the public.

In 2022, Jovaan signed on with urban record label WHITELION. Just wait to see what is in store for this new blood artist this year as he sets a new precedent for the future of Urban music. Have a listen to the sizzling hot project below…

Must Listens: BBSIMONS, Embustera, Oscar, Mas Na

Song of the Day: Condado – Chris Jedi (ft. Young Miko & Lunay)

CHRIS JEDI, the renowned producer and mastermind behind hits like “Ahora Dice” and his most recent triumph alongside Chencho Corleone, Anuel and Ñengo Flow, “La llevo al cielo,” adds some spice to today’s hotspot with his latest single ‘Condado’ featuring Young Miko and Lunay.

‘Condado’ is a powerful reggaeton that makes every fiber of the body vibrate. Chris Jedi appears as the main artist singing the first verses of the song and revealing his multifaceted talent, which is backed by his unstoppable hits. For his part, Young Miko sets out to try out a new style that further affirms his rapid growth in the urban genre.

Known for his collaborations with giants of urban music such as Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel and J Balvin among others, Chris Jedi has also become the godfather of new talents that emerge on the Enchanted Island. Now he is once again mesmerizing his followers with this new release and is also the producer of the most recent hit by Spanish singer Rosalía, “Despecha,” which is already positioned in the Top 10 of the global charts. Chris Jedi is, without a doubt, a hitmaker and ‘Condado’. Start your weekend right and hit that play button on the fire track below…