SOTD: Craze 24 Pays Tribute To Victims Of Knife And Gun Crime in ‘Everybody’s Got 2 Learn’

‘Everybody’s Got 2 Learn’ is the latest rap offering from CRAZE 24 featuring Davinah. Featuring a sample of The Korgis’ 1980 classic ‘Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometimes’, the track not only heralds a touching feeling of nostalgia, but also serves as a hard-hitting tribute to the victims of knife and gun crime. In response to recently increasing spikes of violence in and around London, CRAZE 24 aims to shine a light on the darker sides of street life. In doing so, he also hopes to incite a much-needed change.

With the song’s music video telling the heartbreakingly honest story of a little boy growing up without any positive role models in his life and the negative impacts this has, ‘Everybody’s Got 2 Learn’ strips away the glorification of weaponry that has become so prevalent within rap music.

Speaking on the issue, CRAZE 24, otherwise known as Jay Miller, said:
‘I think the UK music industry should be standing together in solidarity and addressing the many factors that are helping to create this epidemic. Artists, platforms and labels have the power of influence which, by default, makes them either a positive or negative role model.
If we keep turning a blind eye, pointing the finger and ignoring our responsibility when releasing music, we’re also contributing to the problem.’

Alongside expressing his feelings on this topic through his music, CRAZE 24 and his ‘We Run the Roads’ collaborator, Big Ven, are launching a youth divisionary programme to help the most vulnerable and susceptible victims of knife and gun crime.

‘Everybody’s Got 2 Learn’ is also the title track on Craze’s upcoming album. Featuring the vocal talents of P Money, D Double E, Stylo G and many more, the album travels through different musical genres, freestyles and spoken word to tell a larger tale of positive progression on a personal, social and cultural level.

With the track, music video and youth divisionary programme all being rolled out this summer, GX Records, Phoenix Music International and, at the heart of it all, CRAZE 24 hope that this will be the start of a new, positive revolution in rap culture.

Check out the heart-felt production below:

SOTD: Frenzy Takes A Stand On Knife Crime In ‘Murder Mile’

Hackney rapper FRENZY delivers his track entitled ‘Murder Mile into today’s hotspot’; a gritty, real yet modern depiction of the issues with knife crime Hackney are currently facing.

The latest offering serves as the title track off his long awaited ‘Murder Mile’ EP, which as a whole is a statement about the real life impact of knife crime in London, as well as a positive look towards the future.

With as many gritty and dark cuts as there are upbeat and bouncy ones, ‘Murder Mile’ is a true reflection of the ying and the yang of what life presents, and with big features from the likes of Sam Wise, Knucks, Kadiata and many more, it’s set to make a big statement this year.

With Drill continuing to top the charts, and many of these artists having grown up alongside FRENZY, the unapologetic ‘Murder Mile’ EP aims to shine a light on the gruesome reality that is only seen by the people living in these poverty stricken areas that are commonly glorified in music today.

Check out the gripping video for the single below…

New Track: Out of Your Mind – Unkle Festa

Last year there were 40,147 instances of knife crime in London – just let that terrifying, sickening number sink in for a second. Veteran UK rapper UNKLE FESTA has and he’s fighting back, harnessing the power of hip-hop to take a stand with hard-hitting new single ‘Out Your Mind’.

Uncompromising and never preachy, ‘Out Your Mind’ pulls no punches, savagely exposing the mindlessness of knife crime and issuing a rallying cry to put a stop to it. Over a haunting piano-led beat Festa asks, “How many of our children have to be dead” before launching into a machine-gun chorus bringing his vintage flow to bear on heartfelt lyrics set to stun.

The former Mud Family spitter has been in the game since the late 90s, when he linked up with Skinnyman after relocating from Cyprus to London – since then knife crime in the UK has rocketed, with fatal stabbings at their highest level since WW2.

And this violent epidemic is finding its way into the rapper’s tracks – “When I write it’s about the things on my mind and close to my heart,” said Festa. “Seeing first-hand the madness on our streets motivated me to write this track”.

The track is driven by a message and screaming for social change, and Festa is seeing the bigger picture to make that happen: ”Out Your Mind is not just for the youth to understand, but parents and government to understand – they need to listen and must change themselves to create a better environment for our children to grow”.

Check out the hard-hitting video for ‘Out Of Your Mind’ below: