Song of the Day: Own Thang – Spike Geez

It’s been sometime that NEW LEASE MUSIC staple SPIKE GEEZ stole the blog’s limelight…but he’s here now, hogging today’s hotspot with this SERIOUSLY dope track, ‘Own Thang’. In the accompanied video the slick emcee from Philadelphia stresses that he follows his own path – nobody else’s!

‘Own Thang’ is from his latest EP, ‘After Dark’ – check it out here.

But before you head off, watch the video for ‘Own Thang’ – enjoy!

New Track: The Freaks – Spike Geez


Back again with a heater, Philadelphia native SPIKE GEEZ is still going. Getting ready to release his upcoming project NITRO, Spike is going strong with visuals, Clothing and more.

He drops The Freaks, a club banger with too much sauce on the flow. Spike lets us know he has no problem taking what’s yours: “If that’s yo Chick, then get a leash” and introducing her to the Freaks. Listen to this on full blast here:


Mixtape Review: Hall Of Fame – Fameos


FAMEOS is rapidly becoming a regular on NEW LEASE MUSIC. The newcomer dropped his latest effort, Island last month as well as joining forces on hot tracks, Rambo and Get It Right with fellow NEW LEASE MUSIC staple Spike Geez – all featured on the his latest mixtape, Hall Of Fame.

Now the slick emcee from Philadelphia is determined to steal more of the limelight on the blog with his 10-track production by making use of the light atmospheric overtones respectfully colliding with the slight heavy bass, with his effortlessly cooler-than-cool delivery.

This upriser deserves some attention; go check out the mixtape.

Island, Hold It, Aw Yeah, Angels & Demons, My Mind