New Track: Adapt To Thrive – Ebson

Announcing his arrival with the compelling, rallying cry of Adapt to Thrive,alternative soul artist
EBSON creates a real ‘anthem for struggle’. With a cinematic landscape and deep rooted soul sensibilities, it’s a record that will speak volumes to anyone who has ever felt they had a battle to overcome, finding the strength to fight for what they believe in.
Adapt to Thrive is a carefully crafted four-minute musical interplay of darkness and light, with a piano-led track that invites comparisons to artists such as James Blake, Jamie Woon and Samm Henshaw. Against multi-layered vocal harmonies, crashing percussion, and the gothic chime of bells, EBSON‘s dark, blues-infused vocals draw on raw emotion that reverberates with a deep authenticity and unmistakable London sound.
Defiant lyrics reference ‘rising up through the cracks to take control’ and the refrain – ‘we will rise up so high’ – paints a picture of ascension and triumph over adversity. lt is a track that is simultaneously haunting, uplifting – and entirely soulful.
Produced by Charlie J Perry and mixed by Grammy nominee Alex Evans, Adapt to Thrive is the result of a year’s writing and recording, that began when EBSON dreamed up the underlying melodies whilst walking through the bustling streets of London. Referencing life in the city as a key source of inspiration, EBSON is a distinctly UK artist, whose music is imbued with the kind of understated self-confidence that can only come from a recording artist who really is adapting to thrive.

New Track: Fire On The Mountain – Spokazi (Ashanti Warrior Remix)

Ashanti warrior Spokaz
Soulful singer-songwriter SPÖKAZI from Liverpool, UK, is a musical nomad who has been influenced by a myriad of styles and genres on his journey through music.

The emerging songsmith released his debut single entitled Fire On The Mountain earlier this year; the first song taken from his debut project The Beautiful Struggle. The alt-soul uptempo track tells of the slow death of a relationship – juxtaposing fond memories with the slow signs of the relationship’s inevitable demise.

SPOKAZI has now released an official remix by Ashanti Warrior…you know what to do, hit that play button!

New Track: Human – Lanre

Human Lanre

In five days’ time, British singer-songwriter LANRE will hit you between the eyes with her powerful new single, Human, the first release from her forthcoming EP of the same name.

A strong acoustic drive makes its way to introduce the latest effort, leading into an unexpected marshmallowy fusion of soul/folk. Influenced by her Yoruba heritage, the  captivating delivery contains compelling messages such as, ‘We’re all broken so that light can come in’, giving the most-worn out listener that glimmer of hope.

Born in Stoke-On-Trent in England, LANRE has spent most of her youth in Nigeria where she started singing and performing live from the age of eight. In 2002, the flamed-haired songstress toured around the globe as a member of award-winning UK collective GK REAL. This experience ignited in her the desire to pursue a solo career with the launch of the debut album Pen Voyage Chapter One: Singing For Change  in 2011 followed by the critically acclaimed EP Home in 2014 (praised by MOBO, MTV UK among others).

Her new EP Human is set to be released on April 29th. This new record is a collection of uplifting songs, which encapsulates the essence and depth of this newcomer’s artistry. Relating the struggles and celebrations of life, Human is a hopeful hymn to togetherness. So if you like what you hear, pre-order your copy the EP with the immediate release of the single.

Chris Kaz Track 01

Born and raised in London, half Greek Cypriot and half German Sri Lankan, CHRIS KAZ is not an average artist, composer and producer.

He crosses into classical, pop, house, and tech step with his bass driven soulful beats and harmonies. His portfolio is a hard drive stacked with thousands of golden meta-streaks with warmth and soul. His intensely delicate debut single, Track 01 offers something that’s refreshingly different.

Experience a glimpse into his world and hit that play button NOW.

New Track: Fight – Aeo

Aeo Fight

Emerging British singer-songwriter AEO releases his debut single Fight – a rousing and emotive Pop/Soul effort, beautifully crafted with burgeoning production duo OL Music (Rainy Milo, Skepta, Jake Isaac), which lands the South London native firmly on the radar, as one to watch for 2016.

The 22-year-old has been cutting his teeth on YouTube, via a string of stellar cover videos in 2014, which has caught the attention of many across the UK music landscape, and led to live performances at Acoustic Live, Uprise and The Gifted showcase, alongside the likes of Paigey Cakey, Mostack, and Ms Banks.


Inspired by great British vocalists such as Sam Smith, Kwabs and Lemar, AEO showcases his own brilliant vocals and songwriting dexterities, on this new offering, underpinned by a rich musical backdrop of piercing piano and guitar arrangements, minimalist drum patterns and thrilling choral melodies.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his  single, the powerhouse said: “the lyrics to Fight are inspired by my pursuit of a career in music, which has spanned five years so far. I’ve had to fight for what I believe is my first love and passion – music. This song tells that story, and it’s a personal note to myself, telling me not to give up”.