Song of the Day: Dirty Mouth – Mike Baggz ft. One Direction

Mike Baggz Dirty Mouth

Now I have a REAL treat for you today: hip hop hot property MIKE BAGGZ has teamed up with ONE DIRECTION for a mind-blowing dance club-filler CHECK-IT-OUT, a must listen!

If you’re unfamiliar with MIKE BAGGZ music, why don’t you check out his album, Faded and Isolated.

Mixtape Review: Peru – Brandon Smith

Bradon Smith Peru

1. Music For the Slaves (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
2. Emily Brandon feat. Anette Sandberg (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
3. Fly Away (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
4. The Ocean (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
5. It’s Not Easy (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
6. Niggers/Black Men (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
7. The Peer Pressure (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
8. Krillin/Twerk feat. Mac Tutmose (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
9. 411 (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
10. 2 Weeks feat. Anette Sandberg (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
11. Numa (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
12. May 26th (Prod. by Brandon Smith)

Hip hop artist and producer BRANDON SMITH released his mixtape Peru last month. Featuring realist, straight-up-reality bites lyrics with incomparable beats (and at times, cleverly sampled tracks), this 12-track production have all traits of a well-seasoned rapper/producer whose clocked up quite a few life experiences. In fact this upriser is only sixteen years old.

Peru kicks off with the track, Song for the Slaves – and if you don’t know this rapper, the track is the perfect introduction to his slightly husky a raps over a downtrodden but somewhat pleasant beats. Fly Away keeps this mixtape on a high, as it could easily become a favourite for most die-hard hip hop heads. In Fly Away, the multi-talented artist  from Dallas really stepped up and sped up his freestyling over a jazz-infused, relaxing-on-a-beach drive. BRANDON SMITH  shows that he’s a teenager beyond his years, in Niggers/Black Men, where he candidly raps how the black society (more to the point black men) are portrayed by media. 411 features on-point, out-of-this-world sample of MARY J BLIGE classic of the same name -check-it-out!

Overall, Peru definitely deserves your ears –  this guy has A LOT to say on issues that many are afraid to bring up. So If you’re fed up with rappers going on about the high life and can handle the hard-hitting truth, have a listen to the mixtape…better still download it for FREE.

Review: The Underdog 2- Kali Mac

Kali Mac The Underdog

1. Intro
2. Hello  [Prod. By RidiQule]
3. Drake, Kendrick Or Cole [Prod. By Amazing Prophet]
4. Smoke Sum’n [Prod. By Mark Murrille]
5. Waiting [Prod. By W.N. Productions]
6. Obama (Interlude)
7. Dead Presidents
8. Before I Die
9. All We Got (Ft. Chris Adams) [Prod. By J-Koncerto]
10. Last Breath [Prod. By DA]
11. Goodbye (Look What You’ve Done Part ll) [Prod. By DJ Raw]
12. The Underdog [Prod. By Right Beat Radio]
13. Outro [Prod. By Don Cannon]

Long Island rapper KALI MAC is more than ready to show his worth in the hip hop game – to his haters (and put the island on the map – his words!) – through his latest mixtape, The Underdog 2, released earlier this month.

This 13 track production features the beat-swinging Hello, the perfect introduction to what this upriser is made of. It gets better with super smooth track Smoke Sum’n where his slow-motion, doped up raps speeds up at a switch of a light. This laid back/sped up raps continues (coupled with determined lyrics) in another equally super smooth angelic Before I Die– #mustlisten. The Underdog 2, hypes up with the electrifying track All We Got and returns to the smooth, old school/kick-off-your-shoes-and-relax-your-feet beats with the track Last Breath.

With this mixtape, KALI MAC shows that he’s no underdog – but that’s just my opinion. What you think? Well check out The Underdog 2 right here.