Chynna Lewis Shares Her Brand New Single, ‘Mind And Soul’

CHYNNA LEWIS fell in love with a close friend and out of fear of rejection of wanting more than just a casual fling, she kept her cards close to her chest.

After harbouring those feelings, the Taiwanese Canadian singer-songwriter plucked up the courage to call him. Once the secret was out, the fear of rejection quickly turned to feeling empowered for taking action…and this inspired her to release the brand new single, ‘Mind and Soul’.

Sporting a rather salacious alt-afterhours R&B/soul vibe, ‘Mind and Soul’ explores the playfulness and excitement of a definite attraction between two people… but with the trials and tribulations of today’s dating world, which presents the illusion of choice that exists through apps and people playing games, It makes it near impossible to get the stage of expressing raw and honest feelings in a clear way.

This one’s a real gem…make sure you check out ‘Mind and Soul’ below, out now on all major download/streaming sites.

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