EP Review: The Slience EP Vol.1 – Blessin F

Upon trailing out BLESSIN F‘s latest project, ‘The Silence EP Vol.1’, I was so sure this was a making of a rapper, perhaps from Atlanta or Florida, with at least five years worth of tracks underneath his belt. Then I checked his bio and to my surprise, the EP is his debut effort and he’s actually from Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The mini set wastes no time and starts with explosive elements of the increasingly popular trip-hop sound fused with modern swing soulful/R&B, which momentarily adopts a Latin-esque flair in second offering, Faults & 6lamez. Duets of rapid-fire flows and alluringly laid-back vocals is another main feature in the EP, giving that extra kick in tracks ‘6east’ and ‘6attlefield’ and ‘Separate Ways’. Further along the EP, the swing R&B becomes prevalent and catchy (listen to ‘Summer Drip) which goes down a tempo or two, to create laid-back summery vibes in concluding track, ‘Separate Ways’.

Blessin F has created an amazing debut and should be deservedly tipped as a R&B/hip-hop sensation on an international scale…don’t hang about, check him out below…

Must Listens: 6attlefield, Summer Drip, Separate Ways

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