Jennifer Kamikazi Celebrates Black Beauty In Latest Single

British/Rwandan singer-songwriter, JENNIFER KAMIKAZI‘s soulful and uplifting R&B single, ‘Black Skin’, could not be released at a more pivotal time. The song carries a powerful and uplifting message of black pride and beauty.

Kamikazi ( meaning ‘little queen’ in her mother tongue) has made a striking transition from indie/folk to R&B, collaborating with producer Tania Ilyashova. Jennifer’s sweet-sounding and velvety tones are complemented beautifully by the chilled laid back groove of the track. Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Kamikazi vulnerably describes her personal experience of colourism:

“I wrote this song during quarantine to celebrate the skin colour that I now adore, not just my complexion but every complexion. Growing up in Rwanda, I was never ashamed of my dark skin. It wasn’t until I moved to the UK I experienced the harsh reality of growing up in a society with toxic beauty standards hardly anyone can meet. Through ‘Black Skin’ I hope to challenge the western beauty ideal, and also wish to start a conversation on colourism, something prevalent both in Black and Asian communities.”

‘Black Skin follows’ her two successful EP’s ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Wander in Wonder’ with now over one million streams. Check out the video below, created by Jennifer during lockdown…

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