Rapper Queenie Comes Through With ‘One Thing’

A true artist in her own lane, South London rapper on-the-rise QUEENIE, slams down one slick delivery on her latest single, ‘One Thing’ once again showcases her lyrical prowess and effortless flow.

Queenie began making a name for herself on the grime scene during its grassroots stages, being known for a Female Allstars track, and her part in DVD’s like ‘Southern Hospitality’ and ‘Practice Hours’. Fellow female rapper Lioness also called on Queenie to join with five other powerful female rappers on the huge ‘DBT Remix’, that went on to gain wide spread support online and across radio. Following this, Queenie decided to give music a real chance and went on to release ‘Smoke’, ‘Laid Out’ and ‘Anymore’. Queenie featured on a track with Taliifah, entitled ‘Open Season’ and her biggest release to date ‘Letting up Now’ is still making the rounds. Right now, Queenie is focused on building her catalogue and finding her tribe of people.

On this project we see Queenie diversifying her sound and showcasing a more rhythmic style pattern, in comparison to the more grime-esque skippy flow we’ve become accustomed to hearing from her. ‘One Thing’ is a sign of great things to come from Queenie.

Look out for the her Forté EP dropping on the 21st May…but for now, wrap your ear around this….

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