Song of the Day: Drown – Jordyn Simone

Due to a summer romance last July, JORDYN SIMONE was drawn to detailing the emotions that come with vulnerable self-expression and female empowerment. The result is Drown: a sonic masterpiece that can’t be described as anything but silky-smooth. With a beat reminiscent of summer warmth and sultry lyrics that ooze with self-confidence, ‘Drown’ doesn’t just make you fall in love with Jordyn but reminds you to love yourself along the way.

“While I was in this relationship, I felt extremely empowered by my femininity, so much so that I felt as though I needed to write about it.” – Jordyn Simone

Based in LA and blessed with music in her blood, Jordyn Simone is a self-proclaimed “genre-less” artist who redefines the grind to success. From singing gospel music with her parents to fiercely competing as a finalist on both the Voice and American Idol, the 21-year old singer/songwriter has grown up alongside her music evolution, devoted to sharing her unique sound with the world. ‘Drown’ , is a testament to this, speaking to her step into womanhood and the sensuality that comes with growing into your true self. Have a listen below…

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