Hip-Hop/R&B Artist Babylung Drops Track, ‘Funny Innit?’ Ahead Of Album

BABYLUNG digs deep into his past with his anthemic and celebratory new single ‘Funny Innit’ which follows the release of previous single ‘Betrayal’ and is the 2nd single from his forthcoming album To Live And Die In Surrey, slated for late on 30th July.

Babylung says of his newest release: “‘Funny Innit?’ is a song reflecting on my juvenile delinquency, now as a young adult with a redemption story to tell. I recently drove past the Surrey Police Department and remembered having to meet monthly with my probation officer when I was 13. Passing by there, now having traveled the world thanks to music, graduating, and working in the music industry, I knew I’d come too far to end up in that dark place again. I’m college-educated, musically gifted, alive – everything I wasn’t supposed to be. Funny innit?’”

For Babylung, ‘Funny Innit’ is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reflecting on his past. On To Live And Die In Surrey (TLADIS), he psychoanalyzes the ego death of his destructive youth and the birth of a new identity found in love, passion, and purpose. The album reveals Babylung’s inner dialogue, touching on his dark past as an at risk youth, his search for meaning as a juvenile delinquent, and the passionate pursuit of his new found life in music. Babylung reflects on his journey, now with an understanding that his past only empowered him to discover his true creative destiny.

Have a listen to ‘Funny Innit?’ below…

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