Song of the Day: Animal Farm – Jason Griff & Alaska

Lifted from their highly-anticipated collaboration album, ‘Human Zoo’, JASON GRIFF & ALASKA, slip through the first release from the set, Orwell-inspired single ‘Animal Farm’ feat. Love, Ulysses…and let me tell you, this track is a high-energy heat-seeking missile!

Released earlier this month (3rd September), ‘Human Zoo’ is a musical examination of the cages we put upon ourselves and one another. It shines a light on modern society and the performative existence that we all partake in via social media. The album features collabs with Love, Ulysses and Fatboi Sharif as well as additional vocal cameos from Premrock, Alex Ludovico, Curly Castro, Rob Sonic, Breeze Brewin, Defcee, Zilla Rocca and Open Mike Eagle.

Along with the album, ‘Animal Farm’ adds to the long list of collaboration from Jason Griff and Alaska. The duo worked on tracks, ‘Ode To Camp Lo’, ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘Adapt’ from Griff’s Fireside Chats compilation. They both felt an immediate chemistry in their art and quickly began collaborating on what has become Human Zoo. Griff is best known from his work with Alex Ludovico and the late Scorcese as owners of Insubordinate Records.

Check out ‘Animal Farm’ below…

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