Baëbe Ruth Shares Sensuous Single, ‘Rendez-Vous’

BAËBE RUTH‘s brand new single, ‘Rendez-Vous’, is one of those tracks that you can imagine hearing on various radio stations regularly…without wearing thin. Featuring a forceful punch of soulful R&B, inspired from the late nineties or perhaps early noughties, ‘Rendez-Vous’, expresses the singer’s thoughts on a guy she was infatuated with. Although they had unbelievable connection, she never revealed her true feelings to him.

With that said, I do feel that Baëbe has an underline message to share with prospective listeners – that is, if you like someone – I mean REALLY like someone – then pluck up the courage and tell them!

If you’re in the exact same position, have a listen to ‘Rendez-Vous’ for some Dutch courage….

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