Song of the Day: Way I See It – Pyano

Canadian rapper PYANO‘s first release of the year, ‘Way I See It’ is driven by a vibrant and energetic groove, taking a peek into his journey of finding his sound as an artist.

“I’m always somewhere between the motivational, hardcore rap that I grew up on versus the more melodic stuff that I listen to today,” says Pyano. “On this track, specifically, I find a good balance between the two which as a result enables me to celebrate the milestones of success in my life in spite of this whole pandemic thing. Despite the challenges and obstacles over the last couple years, I’m exactly where I planned to be, and further, which is why this track is a good representation of all the lessons I learned through all that.”

Born in Amman, Jordan but currently living in Ottawa, Canada, Pyano has mastered the art of bringing charged vibes on records, ranging from lyrically conscious to catchy melodic anthems. His music transcends borders between hip hop subgenres using witty yet motivational lyrics and a bouncy cadence to give his smooth signature style over an infectious piano laced beat.

Pyano released three singles in 2021, ‘Closed Off’, ‘Pineapple Juice’ and ‘From the Beginning’, his biggest single so far, and continues to make his introduction to the rap game known with his latest single, ‘Way I See It’ while teasing his first EP which will be out later this year.

Check out the official video for Pyano’s ‘Way I See It’…

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