JAYD Shares Brand New Single, ‘Lucid Lover’

BBC introducing-approved artist Courtney Jayd Lumsden – otherwise known as JAYD – has unveiled her latest offering, ‘Lucid Lover’ which covers an agonising topic that we all have encountered in our lifetime – a messy break-up.

Oozing featherly old-school R&B/electro pop layers, that’s so captivating from the very beginning, ‘Lucid Lovers’ features London-based rapper Mirari More, who drops a soothing verse which perfectly complements the echoic soundscapes and Jayd’s delicately well-posed vocals.

The Luxembourg based, british indie artist has always written straight from the heart, touching on themes ranging from mental health and anxiety to toxic relationships. She confides, “I am good at remembering stories people have told me and putting myself into someone’s shoes and writing from an honest place as if it was me living through it.”

‘Lucid lover’ delves deeper into these themes, resulting in an authentic release where listeners can connect with on a personal level. Have a listen below…

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