Song of the Day: Feelings – Caviar Gabe

Launching himself into the scene as a solo artist, dropping vibey and left of field bangers, CAVIAR GABE is making it clear from the offset he’s not playing around this year with single ‘Feelings’.

Originally from London but being raised in South Africa, Caviar Gabe’s unique upbringing provides a catalyst for an even more unique sound. Combining braggadocious and thoughtful bars with ethereal and vibey instrumentation, Gave creates an intoxicating style of floaty UK rap, courtesy of his unique cadence and accent from spending life in both the UK and SA. His trappy and bouncy style is hard to pinpoint, yet reminiscent of his contemporary UK rap peers such as Blaze YL, Knucks and Sam Wise. Gabe’s voice glides across the instrumental in a woozy yet stylistic manner, and harnesses a captivating hook that utilizes his laidback delivery, weaving his way through the pockets in the instrumental. With the subtlety of the arrangement, all working together to enhance his introspective bars.

Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, made a huge impact on how Gabe views the world, and in turn, his music. Talking about his experience, he explains: “Growing up, I wasn’t raised by bad parents. They tried to give me everything, but we were tainted, and when everything went south, I tried to find escapes, hustling just to make sure I was treated equally by my peers. I grew up with robbers and killers with hearts of gold, peacekeepers too. Mainly influenced by zulu traditions and cultures, I saw the complete contrast between extreme wealth and extreme poverty, fought for human rights, got shot at by police and had more heartbreaks than you could count.”

Being influenced by musicians such as David Bowie and Mick Jagger on his fathers side, to his mother rooting him in Soul, R&B, Reggae and Dance, Caviar Gabe’s inspirations are an eclectic mix of different cultures. Such inspirations have clearly affected Gabe’s aesthetic, and gives explanation for the importance he places on his visuals and imagery. Gabe’s artsy and edgy style provides the perfect backdrop for his equally edgy music.

With this being Caviar Gabe’s first serious release of the year, with plenty more in the works including a project coming in the summer, “Feelings” acts as a flag in the ground for his intentions in 2021. Check out the official video for Gabe’s single below…

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