Crystal Starr Is ‘Head Over Heels’ In Brand New Single.

Two-time award-winning recording artist CRYSTAL STARR‘s new single, ‘Head Over Heels’, is an undeniable love song not to be overlooked that projects you right in the middle of two current HIT TV shows, “Stranger Things” and “Physical.” Sporting dreamy soundscapes that transports you on a sunny beach, ‘Head Over Heels’ enters a time machine into the fleeting feeling of the 80’s, the soundtrack of endless love and ruthless hope.

Speaking about the catchy, Crystal says, “I wrote the song based on the love I saw my grandparents have for each other growing up. The type of love that doesn’t fade, or envy, or leave when someone gets upset at one another. The type of love that is not selfish and self-seeking.”

Known for her hit songs like ‘All Mine’, ‘I Still Love You’, ‘Again’ and her album #She, Crystal Starr is a timeless artist with an unmistakable voice. Her second album, #She was an inspiration for women to come together and celebrate the power of unity.

‘Head Over Heels’ is taking from Cystral’s forthcoming album, Popstarr. The album track is produced by Grammy Award-winning American record producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Keith Harris, best known for his work on the Black Eyed Peas’; “Imma Be” and Estelle’s “American Boy”, and record producer and engineer Renard Hughes.

Have a listen to the single below…


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