Song of the Day: Baby x3 – WallyPDF

WALLYPDF, otherwise known as Wally Sajimi, forms a completely idysocranic musical project. Originally from New Jersey, he now resides across New York, Los Angeles, and Portugal, bringing a complexion of lavish lofi tunes to life in an extraordinarily unique way.

Sporting lavishing lofi tones sweep across his unique soundscape, paired up with blissful beats with the tantalizing tones of calmness and electronica, his latest effort, “babyx3” grows into a mellow soundtrack that would find a home in a sunstoked coffee house, or the earbuds of a budding scholar. With musical influences varying from Jay Z to Brandy, WallyPDF proves there are truly no limits to his creativity.

Having recently signed with Downtown Music, he continues to develop exponentially as an artist. With over 300,000 monthly listeners and streaming numbers hitting the millions, he’s becoming a frontier for technology-immersed music. In 2021, he made the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2021, and has also founded several companies, including Nietzsche Labs and an NFT company, Minti. Alongside his work in music, he also helps with Creative Direction for Azuki and co-founder of Jewellery company Her Children, hitting worldwide stores with Euphoria’s finest Angus Cloud as the face of the brand.

Have a listen to ‘baby x3’ below…


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