Song of the Day: Draco Malfoy Freestyle – Junior NRB

Written and recorded on the spur of the moment after discovering the beat online, JUNIOR NRB‘s single ‘Draco Malfoy Freestyle’, showcases the rapper’s prowess in dominating any beat with his signature witty lyricism and fast flow. The track samples children singing in another language, which is pitch-shifted to give an eerie feel before Junior and the bass come in hard.

Junior makes his intentions clear that he’s “Tryna be the greatest there has been / I ain’t tryna end up a has-been”. Describing the process, Junior says “it was about having fun, I wanted to get things out my system before my next project drops which will be more serious”.

The music video for ‘Draco Malfoy Freestyle’ was shot in Sheffield, soon after the Coventry-based rapper moved there to study Fashion. Director GM, who worked with Junior previously, creates a DIY-feel as, like the track, the video was made quickly, being shot in Junior’s home and neighbourhood. When writing the song Junior saw its visuals and brought them to life in the music video, with rapid, energetic shots that match his lyrics. Junior makes his mark on his new hometown in the video, with the final shots being him rapping whilst overlooking Sheffield.

Check out the video for Junior NRB’s ‘Draco Malfoy Freestyle’ below…

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