OUT TODAY: Espacio Dios ‘Collapse All Rules’ With First Release Of The Year

Boasting a wonderfully askew bassline, ESPACIO DIOS‘ brand new single, ‘Collapse All Rules,’ can be interpreted as a holistic submission to the significant other.

Speaking on the tenets of this song, Espacio Dios said “Collapse of All Rules was inspired by the beautiful ideas in life that were coming to me and in that moment; I was in a space where I felt like I could submit to the process and be vulnerable. Whether the outcome was/is bad or good, I still embraced it and took them as liberating moments where I was living in the now, the moment.”

The Pelo singer and producer goes on to describe the making of his newest single from his upcoming album; “I was in studio and I started with the beat first. I was trying to grasp on what I wanted the song to be about so I just freestyled. I played around a lot and I was super happy with the result. That’s when I solidified the verses and eventually, the song came together.”

Espacio Dios fans can look forward to more singles ahead of his album release later in the year – following the release of Pelo featuring Maglera Doe Boy…but for now, listen to ‘Collapse All Rules’ below…


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