Song of the Day: Meet Me In London – ily tgb

London- based artist ILY TBG‘s latest track, ‘Meet Me in London’, is considered his most formidable piece to date.

Not only does the Portuguese-born rapper and producer advance his own style significantly, but he also makes significant strides ahead of the scene. He does this by fusing afrobeat’s irresistible sounds with a vivid pop aesthetic that creates an allure full of impact. The singer-songwriter and producer also hits the ground running from the first second with an earworm encounter that you will find difficult to match anywhere else.

‘Meet Me in London’ is full of life and vitality, with the vast array of sounds and styles that’s on full display. ily tbg, who finds inspiration in the greats such as Ludacris and Justin Timberlake, incorporates his own creative energy into the mix while taking subtle cues from the finest in the game.

So are you ready for something completely fresh? Good. Now hit that play button on ‘Meet Me in London’ below…


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