jetsetforevr Shares Brand New Single, ‘Stars’.

Toronto based artist JETSETFOREVR‘s taste for infectious melodies, dynamic songwriting and charisma has molded him into who he is today. While he encompasses various elements from different genres and influences in his own music, jetsetforevr’s sound is dynamic, fluid and authentically his.

His brand new track, ‘Stars’ (feat. Flowerboy) is quite literally about the moment when you see the stars beginning to align in your life. Oftentimes when working towards goals, or getting into a relationship the fruits of your labour seem so out of reach, but when everything becomes clear and the energies begin to align, you realize that you aren’t as far off as you once thought.

jetsetforevr will be releasing several singles packaged into two key EP’s which will put his matured sound and songwriting on full display…but for now, listen to ‘Stars’ below…


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