Song of the Day: Badgurl – Groovy

Rising neo-pop/R&B artist GROOVY returns with the release of his intoxicating Jersey Club single ‘BADGURL’. The breakthrough act taps into the cultural phenomenon that put 2000’s R&B on the map, channeling love, lust and desire as he shares his ode dedicated to all the ladies who are looking to set themselves free by embracing their wild side. GROOVY’s vocals are easy on the ears, gracefully crossing between genres as go-to producer Alejandro flexes his ability to take a smooth slice of Y2K R&B and morph it into an ambitious Jersey Club anthem. Booming staple triplet drums, velvety sampled vocals and hypnotic keys swirl together to create a world fuelled by steamy passion, one that is sure to draw listeners in upon first listen.

The sophisticated badgurl anthem is accompanied by an official music video directed by Chris Andrade. The cult-inspired visual follows a beautiful girl who yearns for sexual empowerment and freedom. She stumbles across a magazine ad calling for all badgurls and decides to call the number listed. Soon after, she finds herself at an eerie warehouse surrounded by a group of alluring women dressed in black cloaks. GROOVY makes his entrance as the charismatic leader figure, and the two share a drink from a chalice, symbolizing the indoctrination of the newest badgurl.

‘BAD GURL’ follows the Union native’s latest release “jersey luv,” which was praised by media tastemakers around the world including BET, Mixtape Madness and more. The track also landed placements on top editorial playlists, including Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Hip-Hop and Apple Music’s The New New York. Keep an eye out for GROOVY as he continues to shine with his eclectic blend of neo-pop, R&B, and house while solidifying himself as one to watch in 2023.


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