5omerset Joins Up With Rapper J.Roque For Brand New Single, ‘Said To Me’

On the surface, 5OMERSET‘s brand new single ‘Said To Me’, is a breakup song with a retrospective mood enhanced by confusion and resentment. Beneath that, it’s about the desire to gain closure — moving on from the past and cutting ties with any toxic relationships or behaviour.

The light electronica piece features J.Roque who he met after running competition on TikTok looking for rappers to duet the song with a verse.

5omerset said of his collaboration with J.Roque: “after reviewing lots of amazing submissions, I chose J.Roque’s verse because lyrically it was the best fit for the song.

My favourite line of his is: ‘should I wait or is it love that I’m choosing?’ Don’t stay somewhere stagnant or in an unhappy relationship or state of mind; choose love for yourself.”

Check out ‘Said To Me’ below…