Charles On TV Releases Soul-Searching Single, ‘Quarter Century.’

New York City’s artist CHARLES ON TV gets vulnerable in his groovy, indie-pop/disco single ‘Quarter Century.’ Filled with colourful, impressionistic and soulful instrumentation, the single documents the rising artist’s internal dialogue as a quarter life crisis washes over him in waves.

On the inspiration behind the single, Charles On TV explains, “I’m sure many people can relate to the idea that sometimes, we wish we could go back and do it all over again. For me, I think about how I should have come out earlier, chose my friends more wisely, and maybe even approached my music career differently. I have been stuck in an unhealthy cycle of comparing myself to others; Instead of being encouraged by my achievements, I’ve been feeling discouraged by what I haven’t achieved. This song is the devil and angel on your shoulder, one telling you to give up and one telling you to never stop believing in your dreams.”

The single is accompanied by a stunning official video shot in Los Angeles and directed by Dylan Siegel, where Charles On TV traverse across vast landscapes, alone and on a mission to deepen his understanding of what his future has in store. These remarkable, desolate nature shots almost feel symbolic of a monk’s retreat, as he dances his way through an infinite universe searching for existential answers.

Charles On TV’s fans pour in from all over the city for his one-of-a-kind live performances, taking the stage at iconic NYC venues including the Bowery Electric, Union Pool (where he performed his debut headlining show), and Knitting Factory. An incredibly intuitive, introspective artist, Charles On TV has created a streamline of tunes with the natural ability to cross oceans and decades, and is sure to make a lasting mark on the world of music for years to come. Check out the video for ‘Quarter Century’ below…