Hip-Hop Upriser Coll Drops Fiery Track, ‘Who’s That’

Rapper, producer and songwriter COLL comes through with his next highly anticipated and highly energetic new release ‘Who’s That’, accompanied with a fun, quirky, character-esque style video. His second single of 2021, ‘Who’s That’ follows ‘L8 Nights’ an anthem made for the motivated which dropped in April.

Showcasing a new side to COLL, ‘Who’s That’ stands as a more light hearted offering yet remains consistent with the top quality from the Norwich-based artist. With the electric beat, quick witted lyrics and ridiculously catchy chorus proving as strong trademarks for COLL, ‘Who’s That’ is another glorious string to an ever growing bow.

Promoting the importance of positivity and hard work, COLLs music remains a welcomed breath of fresh air in the Rap & Hip Hop world. Emanating an incredibly uplifting energy, the young Rapper discusses the importance of self-love, motivation and accomplishes this in an assured, empowering and well-versed way.

COLL continues to keep the momentum going as he leads up to the release of his third upcoming mixtape, Blue Magic 3…until then, hit play on the video for ‘Who That’ below…