New Track: Mayo – Skye The King

SKYE THE KING – who makes one-third of Virginia hip-hop collective Daydreamers – steps into his own spotlight to deliver his brand new track entitled ‘Mayo’. Take a moment and check it out!

Daydreamers were recently featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC with track ‘TBH?’ and project ‘Meanwhile: The EP.’

New Track: TBH? – Daydreamers (ft. Supa K & Lera)

Following their EP ‘Meanwhile: The EP’, released at the beginning of the year, DAYDREAMERS have promised they’ll roll out a series of tracks throughout the 2018…so here’s the first of many entitled ‘TBH?’.

Since their entry on NEW LEASE MUSIC last summer, the trio’s musical direction has taken a mature turn and this latest joint is a prime example: sporting arrangements inspired by 90’s slow jam, these guys have adopted an ultra smooth flow that’s heartfelt and sincere.

Keep your eyes peeled on NEW LEASE MUSIC for future releases from these reformed emcees…but for now, hit that play button on ‘TBH?’

EP Review: Meanwhile: The EP – DayDreamers

As the new year arrive, hip-hop trio DAYDREAMERS have received a trail of hype from their hometown Suffolk, Virginia with their three track EP Meanwhile: The EP.

This neat project gives a sneak preview into what to expect from the uprisers in the forthcoming months. Compared to their previous dub heavy releases on NEW LEASE MUSIC, this EP admittedly has more spice, where each emcee take turns on tearing up the infectious hooks with their slick delivery.

This package may only contain three tracks, but it has A LOT of heat! Check out their EP below:

Must Listen: So Low

New Track: Swagnolia – DayDreamers

NEW LEASE MUSIC regulars Skye The King and Trilla T are back as DAYDREAMERS, along with third member Cullen M.

The latest swaggerly-slick piece ‘Swagnolia’ features Skye The King and Trilla T, killing it with their flawlessly smooth flow…better check it out!