Song of the Day: Hysteria – Karine Hannah

The Queen of Pop cover songs, KARINE HANNAH puts her spin on Def Leppard’s hit, ‘Hysteria’.

Karine’s cover of Def Leppard’s title track from their 1987 album ‘Hysteria’, is classic and ethereal. The instrumentals give us an out-of-world experience with a mix of floating sub-bass, a higher-pitched repetitive piano riff, and reverberative piano chords. This hypnotic feeling complements the lyrics making it true “magical mysteria”.

Karine Hannah has managed to find much success in the pop music realm. She has received many accolades throughout her music career. At the age of sixteen, her performance on a Canadian television show caught the eye of none other than Celine Dion. The world-renowned diva then went on to ask Karine to perform at her wedding.

So you’re definitely in good company here…have a listen to Karine stunning single below…

Theo Tams Put His Spin On A R&B Classic, ‘Say My Name’

Following the release of his first two Trilogy EPs, Toronto R&B artist THEO TAMS shares a cover of the much-loved Destiny’s Child classic, ‘Say My Name.’

Tams has made the track his own by adding further grit and dirt to the production, a soulful, unapologetic and sexy flipping of the script on the traditional cheating narrative.

‘Say My Name’ is the first of a series of covers that Tams is releasing ahead of Trilogy III, taking time to find meaning and connection in songs that aren’t his own while delivering them as though they were.

Very good cover; why not check it out below…

Song of the Day: That’s Life (Stay Refix) – Harley Maxwell

North London’s rapper HARLEY MAXWELL gives Pablo Nouvelle’s instrumental ‘Stay’ a sassy makeover, giving the production a smooth slow jam vibes through his warm raspy delivery.

Harley found his interest in music at the age of 15, after visiting a friends studio in the mountains of San Joan, Ibiza. His EP ‘Summer Daze’ was well received and video for standout track ‘Monday Morning’ continues to clock views on SB:TV. ‘Chased Lines,’ a mesmerizing ethereal single, has generated well over a million plays.

Described as one of UK Rap’s most exciting growing acts, Harvey gets ready to release his debut LP, ‘ROOM TWELVE’ next month.

This is one hot track right here…check out ‘That’s Life’ below…

Gena Perala Shares Video Of Her Cover On Miley Cyrus Hit, ‘We Can’t Stop’

NEW LEASE MUSIC long-time staple GENA PERALA makes a return with video for the cover of Miley Cyrus’ hit ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Renowned for covering original material which often touches on topics of heartbreak, failure and the difficulties we face in this life, the Canadian singer/songwriter will be releasing a string of cover pop song this year, as a way of paying homage to the genre that she loves so much.

So have a listen to Gena’s first installment of pop covers below…

Fly Von’s Brand New Single Is Just ‘Boom Boom Room’

Fresh out of the booth, FLY VON‘s spanking new single, ‘Boom Boom Room’ is an epic spin on Roddy Ricch’s afterhours/trap banger baring the same name.

The single is the first release from his upcoming project called ‘FLYMIX VOL.1’ which drops 4th April…so get tuck in and check out Fly Von’s remix of ‘Boom Boom Room’