New Tracks: Quiet Place/Wait! – Dizzy Rambunctious

Following his heartfelt tribute to rapper XXXTentacion back in June, DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS bounced right back with a two-track set, ‘Quiet Place/Wait!, boasting a downtempo, trip-hop vibe.

If this is your thing, check them out below:


New Track: XXXTentacion (RIP) – Dizzy Rambunctious

Following the recent tragic death of rapper XXXTentacion, DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS pays homage to an extraordinary talent whose life was cut short way too soon. Check it out:

Song of the Day: Yodeling Walmart Kid (Jersey Club Remix) – Dizzy Rambunctious

New Jersey producer DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS takes today’s hotspot with his pumping version of Mason Ramsey’s – aka The Walmart Kid – impressive performance at the store in Illinois, which took the internet by storm earlier this month.

No doubt, the remix will grab the net by storm too…check out both versions.


Album Review: Lightheaded II – Dizzy Rambunctious

For his latest project, DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS braves it out and goes on a turbulent journey of dealing with a heartache from a relationship.

Starting off with melancholic tones, reflecting the first stages of a break-up, ‘Lightheaded II’ offers glimmer of light with an upbeat offering through ‘Heartbreak’, possessing the raciness of guitar plucks with along the EDM-ish drive.

With the tempo tuned down a notch or two, the second half of the album is free of the moody presence of the dense bassline and makes way for those carefree moments which is conveyed through a chirpy, modern take of boombap and a rather flirtatious jazz/soul combo (we’re talking Al Jarreau style).

Through ‘Lightheaded II’, DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS shows no boundaries to his talents, taking on a Simply Red’s Classic ‘Holding Back The Years’, through track, ‘Holding On’. What I love about this album is that it tells a clear story with minimal words…check it out…

Must Listens: Broken Love, Depression, Brighter Days, Holding On, Just To Get By

New Track: Bamboozled – Dizzy Rambunctious

Producer DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS continues his run of tracks, this time with sizzler entitled ‘Bamboozled’, coming from his upcoming album ‘Lightheaded II’ dropping on Valentine’s Day..check it out!

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