New Tracks: Quiet Place/Wait! – Dizzy Rambunctious

Following his heartfelt tribute to rapper XXXTentacion back in June, DIZZY RAMBUNCTIOUS bounced right back with a two-track set, ‘Quiet Place/Wait!, boasting a downtempo, trip-hop vibe.

If this is your thing, check them out below:

New Track: Strings – Nick Ryan


NICK RYAN is definitely the one to watch.

Hailing from Houston, Texas this upcomer takes hip-hop/Trip-hop to a whole new level with his latest release, Strings. Almost five minutes long, this masterpiece carry irresistibly heavy drive  accompanied with intermittent harp/Far East-esque overtones.

It’s an acquired taste and it worth checking out…like NOW.

Upcoming Release: Look Back In Laugher – Hugh

hughLondon-based quartet, HUGH continue their beguiling journey  with the release of their latest single, Look Back In Laughter. The three-minute smoothie is laced with a positive message, veiled by the contrasting melancholy production. Sewn together by slow-burning synths, crackling percussion and a glimmering, transient guitar to cut through the mix, the alluring song sits in the amorphous zone between trip-hop, R&B and synth-pop.

Consisting of Joshua Idehen (vocals), Izzy Brooks(vocals), Andy Highmore (production/keys) and Tino Kolarides(Guitars) Look Back In Laughter sees Joshua take more of a leading role with the vocals, where we see his background in spoken word come to the forefront of the track. His warm baritone vocal is full of subtle wordplay and charming London colloquialisms which, when paired with the contrasting piercing pop tone from Izzy, adds another dimension to their genre fusing sound, Look Back In Laughter is a soothing reminder to not dwell on the negatives of life as one day we’re just “gonna look back and laugh” – a positive message which has the power to resonate with us all.

Musically melding sounds from a myriad of influences and cultures, HUGH continue to transcend genre and create captivating music which has earned them praises from the likes of Huw Stephens, Stereogum, Pigeons And Planes and The Guardian.

HUGH are fast becoming one of the stand-out artists in a musical landscape where the blurred lines between genres are becoming increasingly prevalent.This is evident in the live environment as well as on record, and in order to support the latest release they will be playing a special one-off showcase at Elektrowerkz in London on 12th October.