Soulful Pop/R&B Singer Jen Ash Shares New Single, ‘Crush On You’

JEN ASH‘s new single, ‘Crush On You,’ takes inspiration from classic R&B icons of the 90s, while incorporating modern pop elements to introduce a fresh and uplifting melody.

When asked about her music, Jen says, “I have some memories in my life that are related to specific songs. I want people to relate some parts of their life to my music. I wanna tell them that they are not alone…that we all feel the same at some point. Music is the best way to tell people: ‘I understand what you are going through and I’m with you.”

Born in Lebanon and raised in France, the globe-trotting pop/soul singer-songwriter had a successful stint as a professional basketball player and left it all behind and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. She’s been performing in LA since 2018, releasing a string of acclaimed singles, which have racked up over 100K Spotify streams. Now, the blonde beauty has hooked up with award-winning PR firm, MTS Management Group for the release of her latest track. Here’s your chance to check out ‘Crush On You’ below…