2TWINZZ were featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC time after time with a string of tracks including So Wassup, and more recently, Pac Biggie. It’s about time we get to know the guys behind these BANGING tracks. Ready? Good!

NLM: Hey guys, good to have you back. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the masses?

Geeyavelli & Twin

NLM: Where are you guys from?

2T:Virginia.. Richmond Fredericksburg but born in Delaware.

NLM: What is your style and what makes you guys different from other rappers?

2T: Street. We just talk about our struggles, and what’s going on in the inner city and ghettos, and problems around the World. We don’t care about  the cutest bootie in the club nor materialistic things.

NLM: Who inspired y’all?

2T: 2pac, Biggie, UgK, MelekRa

NLM: Oh so you worked with MelekRa. What is it like to work with one of your biggest inspirations?

Great cause. He’s a great teacher on music and life. Very wise and down to earth person.

NLM: What do y’all think about the rap game now?

2T: Its a lot of the same things being said. Nobody motivating the streets positively, everybody’s  in the club.Or talking bout girls, cars and selling dope.

NLM: So What message are you trying to bring to the rap game ?

2T: We just want to shed light on the struggle, poverty, black communities that need help, and changing the ghettos on some positive shit.

NLM: Who do you listen to?

2T: 2pac, UGK, Young jezzy, Game, SebaArmonEnt and MelekRa. Some R&B: Chris brown, August Alsina, Mary j Blige (local) ADL

NLM: Fame or Fortune?

2T: Fortune – no question!

NLM: Why fortune?

2T: Cause money is what we need to help start changing our lives and the millions we tend on helping in our community and worldwide.

NLM: Any Up coming projects?

2T: Well we’ve been working hard in our studio (CrossHair Productions in Richmond VA) on two projects dropping later this year – Our debut Mixtape and our EP/Album

NLM: So how can peeps make contact with you?

2T: Hit us up on: Twitter @2twinzz IG @2Twiinz Facebook @TwoTwinzzPage and Reverbnation @2Twinzz

Song of the Day: Cosmic Girl – Kyle Lettman

Kyle Lettman Cosmic Girl

Today’s song is the electrifying Cosmic Girl by UK’s hot property KYLE LETTMAN. The bad-boy track is from his upcoming album, Access, out on 16th March.

This urban artist from London paved the way for British music in the US with pop band, FDM. He found success when he struck a deal with Geffen Records, the home of KEYSHIA COLE and MARY J BLIGE, and performed throughout the US and Europe.

Now check out Cosmic Girl – this R&B/EDM track just shows that he deserves his place at Geffen Records. Check out the dance move – real smooth!

connect with him @KyleLettman

Mixtape Review: Peru – Brandon Smith

Bradon Smith Peru

1. Music For the Slaves (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
2. Emily Brandon feat. Anette Sandberg (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
3. Fly Away (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
4. The Ocean (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
5. It’s Not Easy (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
6. Niggers/Black Men (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
7. The Peer Pressure (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
8. Krillin/Twerk feat. Mac Tutmose (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
9. 411 (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
10. 2 Weeks feat. Anette Sandberg (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
11. Numa (Prod. by Brandon Smith)
12. May 26th (Prod. by Brandon Smith)

Hip hop artist and producer BRANDON SMITH released his mixtape Peru last month. Featuring realist, straight-up-reality bites lyrics with incomparable beats (and at times, cleverly sampled tracks), this 12-track production have all traits of a well-seasoned rapper/producer whose clocked up quite a few life experiences. In fact this upriser is only sixteen years old.

Peru kicks off with the track, Song for the Slaves – and if you don’t know this rapper, the track is the perfect introduction to his slightly husky a raps over a downtrodden but somewhat pleasant beats. Fly Away keeps this mixtape on a high, as it could easily become a favourite for most die-hard hip hop heads. In Fly Away, the multi-talented artist  from Dallas really stepped up and sped up his freestyling over a jazz-infused, relaxing-on-a-beach drive. BRANDON SMITH  shows that he’s a teenager beyond his years, in Niggers/Black Men, where he candidly raps how the black society (more to the point black men) are portrayed by media. 411 features on-point, out-of-this-world sample of MARY J BLIGE classic of the same name -check-it-out!

Overall, Peru definitely deserves your ears –  this guy has A LOT to say on issues that many are afraid to bring up. So If you’re fed up with rappers going on about the high life and can handle the hard-hitting truth, have a listen to the mixtape…better still download it for FREE.