Song of the Day: Infected Memories – Dan Sheriston

Following on from previous offering ‘Mission in Affection’, emerging singer-songwriter DAN SHERISTON‘s follow-up single, ‘Infected Memories’, bears an aptly “infectious” vibe, showcasing his tantalisingly smooth vocals. His unique artistic flair and energy shines through with ease on the track, solidifying him as a rising talent to keep your eye on within the UK R&B scene.

Salford born and raised before moving to Stockport at the age of ten, multi-faceted music artist Dan Sheriston was destined for a career in music from a young age. His father, a House DJ on the Manchester circuit, also played guitar and sang. Naturally, Dan was influenced by this exposure to the arts, and was an avid dancer with a love for Michael Jackson before eventually beginning to sing at age three or four.

Dan soon progressed past his Dad’s level of guitar playing, and continued to pursue his passion for dance by taking part in various competitions (and often winning). A pivotal moment along Dan’s musical journey was discovering fellow singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran at around age eight. Spellbound by a live performance that he watched on TV, it was in that moment that Dan’s passion for songwriting came – straight after watching his performance, he instantly wrote his first song.

Dan was aptly given the middle name ‘John’ after The Beatles’ late frontman John Lennon, and was heavily influenced by legendary Liverpool foursome’s back catalogue. Some of his more modern musical influences include Bryson Tiller, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Baby and Pop Smoke.

At age 14, Dan was crowned the under 16 British Hop-Hop champion at Blackpool Ballroom, and also notably made it to the semi-finals of TeenStar.

Amassing over 16,000 Spotify streams completely independently during the Covid-19 pandemic, this was the green light that Dan needed to propel his music career with full force. With plans to release R&B EP ‘Closure’ in March of 2023, Dan Sheriston is geared up and ready to go with plenty of music under his belt that’s set for release throughout the course of this year.

Produced by Dan himself alongside producer Elliot Taylor, ‘Infected Memories’ is now out across various music platforms…have a listen below…