Album Review: COGs – Wullae Wright

You guys don’t know how GOOD it feels to have WULLAE WRIGHT back in NEW LEASE MUSIC’s limelight. Back in 2013, he graced his presence with album, The Orange Line – named Album of 2014 by this blog.

Fast forward to four years, indie rocker delivers another highly anticipated album entitled ‘COGs’. What do I expect from this 12-track collection? I’m hoping to hear some soaring guitars against experimental mix of staggered, rhythmic thumps – elements that were featured in ‘The Orange Line.’

Distorted rawness of the guitar riffs (we’re talking Jimi Hendrix style) introduces the collection,  pumping an adrenaline rush through ‘Armed for Revolution.’ The rush quickly disperse and is replaced with an angelic presence of the piano in the following track, ‘A Heart that Riots.’

‘Scumbag’ provides the second rush of the album as it goes on a rollercoaster ride with tranquility turning into total turmoil, well executed Wright’s vocals. The long-awaited staggered soundscapes take charge in ninth effort, ‘Blackfields, ‘ where the rhythmic thumps travels in union with the woeful violins. Wright’s vocals serves as a perfect backdrop before eventually coming in line of the heart-hitting arrangements.

Providing such a hell raising experience at the beginning, ‘COGs’ does a complete U-turn and comes to a close with scenic acoustic setting. ‘Deja Vu’ is personally the top three stellar tracks of this album as the serene guitar against the full-on power vocals sparks that magical combination.

Just like a candle frantically bouncing in the wind, the tempo displayed in ‘COGs’ provides extreme dips and soars…so it’s going to be anything but boring…might as well have a listen…

Must Listens: Armed For Revolution, A Heart That Riots, Scumbag, Centralia, Blackfields, Ventriloquist.



New Release: Superhero – Wullae Wright

wullae wright superhero

WULLAE WRIGHT’s  latest effort, Superhero is now available on Bandcamp. The single is the second release from his album The Orange Line. 

The chillingly-smooth and heart-tugging single is about the effects cancer has on the sufferer and loved ones. Released through Macaroni Penguin Music Record Label, Superhero is very personal to the Scottish indie rocker as he lost both grandparents to the disease.  All sales of the single will go to Scottish Cancer Charity.

So go ahead and listen to Superhero and support a great song with a great cause. Enjoy!

To read the review on The Orange Line (hailed the Rock Album of 2014 by NEW LEASE MUSIC) head right here.

Review: The Orange Line – Wullae Wright

wullae wright - The Orange Line

1. UFO
2. A Stage with your own Fears
3. Roadtrippin’
4. Nostalgic
5. Stand Alone (ft. Stuart Carroll)
6. Survived Unpromised Souls
7. You Never Said Anything
8. Living on the Edge
9. Plasticland
10. Superhero
11. Beware: Beckon Angels
12. A Story of a Wall
13. All the Time

WULLAE WRIGHT should not be taken likely – I realised that the second I heard his soothing effort All The Time which was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC last month. All The Time makes up one of his latest 13-track-album, The Orange Line.

Now I have the pleasure of reviewing the entire albumand I have to say it took me by surprise as I anticipated that classic mellow rock throughout the self-recorded production.  In fact, The Orange Line features the wonderfully bitter/sweet creations, demonstrated in UFO, Roadtrippin’ and You Never Said Anything. These tracks are completed by this Scottish rocker’s cry-for-help vocals.

The album just displays that WULLAE WRIGHT is a worthwhile producer:  Stand Alone (ft Stuart Carroll), Plasticland, Beware: Beckon Angels and A Story of a Wall features that delightfully-awkward blend of different instruments that sticks in the mind hours (or even longer) after listening. Each of these incomparable singles are very different from each other, and this artist’s vocals perfectly adapt to these productions.

Overall, The Orange Line pushes the boundaries of indie rock to the absolute limit, making it a very intriguing listening. If you want to experience a fresh spin on indie rock, The Orange Line to the best place to start – welcome to the world of WULLAE WRIGHT

Star Song: All the Time – Wullae Wright

wullae wright - The Orange Line

Today’s song is All the Time by British singer-songwriter WULLAE WRIGHT. This track is coming from his latest album, The Orange Line.

In his teenage years, the indie-rocker taught himself to sing and to play the guitar. With his long-time friend and collaborator Stuart Carroll, the Scottish artist went to form a band called the Heads of State.

After the band dissolved in 2003, WULLAE WRIGHT branched out as a solo artist. From that point it was full-steam head, as multi-talented artist built up a pretty intriguing discography that definitely deserves a listen.

His latest effort, All the Time is a simple yet crisp production. If you’re unfamiliar with WALLAE WRIGHT’s work, this is an excellent introduction to this guy’s amazing vocals and guitar skills.

Take time out listen to the soothing All the Time. Like me, if you really love this track, head over to his SoundCloud page where there’s a collection of his work.