Premiere: What You Gonna Do (Video) – Nemi

Like most indie artists during the pandemic, NEMI had to put on her thinking hat and really get creative, dodging the obstacles that the lockdown presents…and as a result, she became interested in the visual aspect of music. Despite having extremely swollen hands from her condition eczema, somehow the alt pop songstress made it happen and circled back to her earlier singles and produced a series of accompanied DIY music videos.

Now Nemi has unveiled the stunning visuals for her 2017 debut single, ‘What You Gonna Do’, which she produced with the help of Niko Pelicolo. Niko made contact with Nemi after hearing her 2019 single, ‘I Can’t Get Through To You’ on a Domino’s Pizza advert and by chance, he expressed his interest in making a film. Though the pair met under peculiar circumstances, they managed to piece together a collage-style production, which features Nemi and her closest friends who elegantly strut to the tranquil experimental pop debut, sporting the musician’s infamous orange bob.

Nemi was previously featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC with the video for single, ‘I Can’t Get Through To You’, which claimed the blog’s Music Video of the Week title five times – a record that’s yet to be broken on the blog’s charts show on Instagram.

Be sure to place Nemi on your radar, as she gets ready to release her EP…for now, press play on the video for ‘What You Gonna Do’.

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