Ray Alex Join Forces With Sydney Jane For Brand New Track, ‘Erased’.

North London’s multi-instrumentalist RAY ALEX from collaborates with LA-based powerhouse singer/songwriter Sydney Jane for the sultry, evocative, and nostalgic R&B single ‘Erased’.

Released today (10th September), ‘Erased’ is a savory duet that transports the listener to the tension-filled and nostalgic moment of meeting an old lover again. Ray Alex creates a colorful and rich instrumental soundscape, and opens the song with his signature falsetto, interweaving with wispy harmonies and echoes to paint a visceral picture of reunion. Sydney Jane creates the feeling of a love lost and hopes of rekindling with her soaring, raw vocals.

Having been named in Audiomack’s ‘Best of Britain’ list two months running, and after collaborating with Julia Romana (Duckwrth/GLAM), Ray continues to push boundaries and mesh styles with Sydney Jane on the first single from his self-produced EP ‘Good To Me’. Sydney Jane has worked with and turned the heads of huge names in electronic music such as Disclosure, MJ Cole, and Michael Calfan, and she’s stepping confidently into the world of R&B to create the sensual and shimmering ‘Erased’.

Have a listening the irresistible single below…

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