Song of the Day: Juice -FME

FME is digging into his portfolio of dynamic tracks and ‘Juice’ is next in line. Combining his London and Sierra Leone upbringing, he was able to birth a new experimental method of artistry that enables him to recall on his personal and unprecedented experiences.

The minor key instrumental created by Maniac Beatz is powerful and dramatic with an orchestral feel, as string instruments take centre stage alongside a prevailing melody. The track is filled with liveliness but remains meaningful as FME’s lyrical flows pierce through the strong beat. A catchy chorus acts as the spine of the track with the gaps filled with his life experiences.

The Hoxton rapper has been on this journey since he was 10 when his musical passion sparked. Talent shows and poetry competitions have led to a masterclass in the UK Rap and Drill world. With roadblocks along the way, FME has spent time behind bars, but all these challenging moments contribute to the message he portrays.

Committed to the game, FME is only warming up. ‘Juice’ demonstrates his freedom from genres and leaves his audience poised to what he has in store next. With influence from both sides of his cultural background, expect more lively flows in both English and Krio. Check out the official video for the track below…

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