Song of the Day: Struggle Bus – Oleta Frances

Berkshire vocalist OLETA FRANCES‘ first release of the year, ‘Struggle Bus’ is a transparent, heartfelt single based on a previous romantic relationship she had that did not work out, detailing how she felt about the whole experience. She choose the title of the single, to compare a situation that is not good for your mental or physical health, to a bumpy bus journey, where you have the choice to get off the ride or stay on and continue to Struggle.

Oleta Frances has always had a passion for music and it is something that has always been a significant part of her life, but it was only last year that she decided to take the plunge into taking her craft more seriously. This plunge started off by Oleta recording covers to existing songs on Instagram and gaining some traction organically. One of the songs covered by Oleta was a song entitled ‘Picky’ by Joey Montana, which he noticed and shared on his profile. This gave Oleta the confidence and motivation to continue perfecting craft and start creating original songs. In this period, ‘Struggle Bus’ and several other songs were created. In fact, Struggle Bus has already been played twice on BBC Introducing Berkshire last year, prior to its release date last month.

So this is your chance to take in the soulful bounce of ‘Struggle Bus’

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