Song of the Day: The Door – IMVN

IMVN‘s (pronounced Iman) debut offering ‘The Door’ is a down-tempo, brooding and left-field blend of R&B and electronic music, with the North West London songbird’s melodious vocals glide effortlessly throughout punctuated by harmonic layering and reverb rich moments.

Speaking on ‘The Door’, IMVN says:

“The Door is low-key. It exudes a mental state of indifference. It’s spoken from the perspectives of two people, one who doesn’t want responsibilities and lives in the moment; the other, who’s waiting to be taken seriously and not feel used by others. The Door is a conflict between two incompatible characters who haven’t yet realised it.”

Sonically influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, Mariah Carey and RY X, from a young age IMVN was encouraged by her mother to write songs during the summer holidays. It was these early moments of introspection and dedication to her creativity that she honed her ability to write honestly and relatably. Now at 21 years old and a former dance student, IMVN is most influenced by the unpredictable nature of life – with her music and visuals representing a hybrid of the world around us, ever evolving. A careful and considered artist, everything IMVN creates is done with the utmost care and thought.

Have a listen to her debut below…

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