Song of the Day: Found – Quiet Son & Arula

With their dreamy, dark, sensual sound, ARULA & QUIET SON form a duo whose music combines the qualities of both urban electronica, dance, and experimental folk with an infusion of melodic pop sensibilities. Initially starting as a remote song collaboration between the two California artists & producers, the project blossomed into a fully realised LP that winds through themes of self-discovery, reclamation, climate consciousness, and romantic vulnerability.

In just a little over a year, Arula & Quiet Son have played shows throughout California, touring with acts like Random Rab & Desert Dwellers. The first single and title track from their debut album, ‘Found’, explores the power and direct connection between the feminine and nature.

Excited about the release, Arula says: “‘Found’ is a reclamation of the power that can only be harnessed from within. It is an ode to anyone who has ever felt lost, confused, or like they don’t fit it. It is a reminder that we can always be found within ourselves, and within the receptive energy of nature and earth”

Quiet Son elaborates: “The production of this song is really special to me. It was such a unique challenge, because when I heard the initial demo I realised the message of the song is so clear that I had to make sure the production supported Arula’s vision precisely. It was an exploration in creating and subsequently releasing tension: to build the sound around Arula’s vocals as the message of the song evolves from one of self-doubt into one of complete reclamation, empowerment, and ecstasy. It was fun to let that huge bass synth take over in the last chorus; I think it really opens the song up and symbolizes the feeling of relief and blessing we can feel when we give ourselves permission to take control of our lives and destinies.”

Arula continues: “Our hope is that this song reminds you that you are powerful and enough, just because you exist. May you always feel found within yourself.”

Take a peep at the stunning video for ‘Found’ below, directed by Jade Sanchez of Earth Based Media.


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